Week in Germany – Hanover, Wolfsburg, Berlin &Pirna Part 2 Week 15 27th November – 3rd December 2017

Visit to Hanover 27.11.17
Said our farewells once again to Fynn and Caro before making our way into Hanover for a wander round. Fairly modern centre but came across some older buildings too.

Afterwards we took Charlie Brown back to his “birthplace” and had a drive by the Volkswagen factory! Unfortunately couldn’t get too close so this picture will have to do….

Drove on the 2 motorway to park up on Braunschweig for the night and treated ourselves to some bratwurst sausages and curry sauce to make Currywurst in the van!

Wolfsburg Museum 28.11.17
Left for the museum late morning and arrived in Wolfsburg eager to find the museum! We arrived and wondered if we were at the correct address as it looked a little outdated… Almost like it hadn’t been touched since it was built in 1985!


It was clear enough when we walked in however!! Lots of Volkswagen merchandise and down the corridor a glimpse of a beetle let us know we were definitely in the right place. Had a great day eyeing up all the vehicles, we’ll let the photos do the talking…

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Spent a good 4 hours drooling over various beetles, golfs and of course T3’s before leaving and parked up for the night in a little place called Helmsted.

En route to Berlin 29.11.17
Not much to report… Just a lot of driving to get near Berlin! Parked up in Bad Sarrow for the evening to have a full day tomorrow in the capital…

A couple of days in Berlin 30.11.17 – 2.12.17

Found a camperstop outside the environmental zone which was great as there’s no way Charlie would be let in! Friendly bloke on reception who gave us all the information we needed about what train to get in and also what to go and see! Found a spot amongst the 100 year old gaswork buildings and got on the train to Alexanderplatz…

As you can see Christmas had definitely arrived in Berlin! Wandered round the markets before seeing the Berliner Dom (Cathedral Church).

Walked down the grand ‘Unter den Linten’ boulevard…

before making our way to ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ where there were several information boards about the history of the divide along with a section of the wall.

Went to a smaller Christmas market where we had our first Gluhwine(mulled wine) before heading back to Alexanderplatz to sample another along with Langos(fried bread with sour cream and cheese) and Currywurst/chips in a bread bowl! Left stuffed and got back to the van pretty late.

Next day we headed to see Schloss Charlotteburg – impressive palace built in 1699 as a summer palace for Royal summer residence.
Didn’t visit inside but we had a wander round the Christmas market that engulfed the front grounds!

Then took the underground to Breitscheidplatz where ;amongst yet another Christmas market,the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche stood.

A brief visit to the modern Potsdamerplatz was followed by a walk along the ‘East Side Gallery’ -a 1.3km section of the Berlin Wall which was covered in artwork by many artists from 21 different countries soon after the wall came down.

Went back to Alexanderplatz for a Gluhwine and a hotdog…

before winding up at a medieval style Christmas market -we were actually looking for a street food market which we’d read about!

Must’ve been fate however as not only was the market pretty cool (nowhere near as much tat and all the stalls/stall holders suited the medieval theme!) we also met a nice bloke called Tom and his friend (sorry we didn’t catch your name!) . Sat round one of the many fire pits with Gluhwine in hand and chatted all evening!


Drive to Dresden 2.12.17
Left our friendly campsite middayish before spending our day driving, first on the 12 then the 13 heading towards Dresden. Camper contact highlighted a pretty good spot in Pirna (south east of Dresden) where we set up camp for the evening.

Sunday spent in Pirna 3.12.17
We were running out of campingaz as well as some oil for the van but being a Sunday meant the shops weren’t open… To save us going to Dresden twice (once to visit, once to buy the bits) we spent the day in Pirna instead! The stop was conveniently situated across the river from the town so after a short walk we arrived in the centre. Lovely little town, old buildings, quirky cobbled little streets and a great Christmas market too! Of course we sampled some more Gluhwine…!

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Got back to the van early eve with plans to get our gas and oil on our way to Dresden early Monday morning!

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