Into Ljubljana, Slovenia and drive across Italy Part 2, Week 19 26.12.17 – 28.12.17

Boxing Day drive into Slovenia 26.12.17

Originally we planned to spend another day in our little spot in Ferlach, however, we felt it would make more sense to get a bit of a move on towards Marck and Chiara; our Italian friends in Tornaco!

Left our spot late morning (after a healthy breakfast of a chocolate Santa) we took an awesome road; the 91/E652, into Slovenia. No wonder it was marked on the map as “unsuitable for caravans”… pretty narrow, steep, windy road up into the snow covered mountains! Many hairpin bends to climb before meeting similar on the way down!!

Arrived in Ljubljana Park and Ride carpark (a free camper spot with free electric that we found on Campercontact!) late afternoon. Started Boxing Day properly with a few beers and skyped Marck and Chiara to let them know we were on our way!


In Norway, Glenn suggested we get a tin of Lapskaus(Norwegian stew type dish) for our Boxing Day meal…Took his advice and had an Underberg to toast to him too…!

Had stollen and custard with a few G&T’s later on and planned to explore the centre in the morning.

Visiting Ljubljana 27.12.17

After eventually working out the Slovenia Park and Ride system (needed to purchase a card to load credit onto, luckily a friendly bus driver explained this to us!) we arrived in the centre of Ljubljana.

We fell in love with Ljubljana instantly, we were unaware how beautiful the Slovenian capital was! Interesting architecture…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Impressive bridges including the Dragon bridge and the Triple Bridge…

A castle overlooking the city! After indulging over Christmas the struggle of the steep walk up to the top done us good…!

Loved the way they covered up the water fountains for winter in Ljubljana in addition to the method of securing their christmas trees!

Found a sticker to complete our collection, knowing this would be the last “new” country we’d visit on this trip! Also wrote our last postcards to home, completing the set of more than 20 countries we’d visited!

Left Ljubljana in the afternoon (we would love to visit the famous Tivoli gardens next time!) and beelined towards the Italian border. A few hours later, after some more snow and steep hills, we arrived in Gorizia, Italy. Parked up in a free carpark for the evening with a few other motorhomes and got an early night ready for the long drive across Italy towards Tornaco the following day.

Drive across Italy 28.12.17

Early sta.rt and left the carpark just after 8:30 for the long drive across Italy… Avoided all toll roads, however it did take ALL day to get there! We won’t bore you by naming every road! From Gorizia we headed west towards and visited Palmanova on the way to Vicenza. Worth a look if you’re nearby – an amazing example of a star fort from the Late Renaissance! After entering the town through the old gateway, we had a drive round following the nine-pointed shape and were able to see the large square that was in the centre.

After Vicenza we took the 11 road past Verona, south of Lake Garda and then drove towards Milan. Luckily avoided most of the rush hour traffic and took the motorway ring road south of the capital. From there it was about an hours drive to Tornaco! Arrived just after 7 and were welcomed back by Marck and Chiara… Great to see these two again!

Spent the evening catching up on what we’ve all been up to since May! Up ’til after 2am… obviously had a lot to talk about including the plans for New Years! Learning to Snowboard in the mountains, why not 😀 !!

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